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Exhibit: Connections by Rhea Pettit

I feel a deep connection to people and other animals, and never tire of observing and painting them.

The conversation starts with a spark of a concept (my brushes are my voice). My subjects keep me company as I paint them; they continue the conversation. I always respect and honor them, regardless of their station in life:

A cancer survivor.

A young African American boy.

A beloved pet.

A president.

A lion.

A dancer.

We are all citizens of our planet, deserving of a happy life. My most recent body of work explores the similarities between humans and other species. The more connection you feel to others (people and animals), the bigger your world becomes. There is beauty everywhere!

The final component in the conversation is, of course, the viewer. You bring your own intelligence and truth to the story. I’m often impressed with other’s thoughtful comments, as they relate a personal observation or tell bit of their own history upon viewing a piece that speaks to them.

Georgetown Square Location

The Williamson Museum on the Georgetown Square

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