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Our collections

Pieces of Williamson County History

The Museum has built a collection of objects, documents and photographs to celebrate the history and diversity of Williamson County.

If you have questions, contact Kathryn Conrad, Curator, at 512-943-3758 or

Historic Photographs

The Williamson Museum makes its photographic materials available while carefully maintaining the physical and intellectual integrity of these historic materials.

Visit our online database to view photographs.

Request Images

Read the Photographic Policies and Procedures for prices and usage fees. Complete the Request for Photographic Services form and return to the Museum by mail, fax, or email to the Curator.


At this time, The Williamson Museum cannot accommodate on-site research requests. To access the collections or database, fill out this form and return to the Museum by mail, fax, or email to the Curator. For research requests, review these policies and return this form.


Do you have a piece of Williamson County History?

If you have artifacts, documents, photographs or an object with a great Williamson County story that you believe would add to the Museum's collection, please contact the curator to discuss your proposed donation.

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