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Bring Williamson County history to your classroom!

Our traveling trunks are available for a two-week rental on a first-come, first-served basis. Trunks cost $25 each with or without a presenter. They include artifacts, hands-on activities, primary sources, and lesson plans for use in the classroom. The lessons meet the TEKS for grade levels K-8 and high school. Delivery and pickup is free for trunks in Williamson County, bookings outside of the county lines will incur a mileage fee.

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Hispanic Heritage (2nd-7th)

Hispanic Heritage in Williamson County spans over 500 years. This trunk interprets the rich history of Hispanic Culture in Williamson County through hands on engagement and primary sources. Students will explore Hispanic food, culture, architecture and celebrations. They will identify and learn how local Hispanic leaders continue to affect Williamson

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School Days (2nd-7th)

Discover a typical early school set up and participate in activities experienced by students in the past and gain an understanding of the chronology of schools in Williamson County.

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Hunting and Fishing (2nd-8th)

Hunting and fishing have played large part in the history and geography of Williamson County. Students will interpret how early Williamson County residents lived and how hunting and fishing influences the county today.

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American Revolution (3rd,5th,8th)

Explore the revolution that shaped our country. Students will better understand specific topics and influential people in the American Revolution. Students will also discover what was happening in Texas and how these events affect their lives today.

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World War II (2nd-5th, 7th)

Students will learn about citizenship and patriotism during World War II and how the war changed history around the world and on the home front. Additionally, The WM offers access to the website WWII Comes to Williamson County to supplement hands-on learning through primary sources. WWII Comes to Williamson County

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