Grade 7th

Turn of the Century (3rd-7th)

Students will gain an understanding of important events, issues and innovations of the 20th Century through artifacts, activities and lessons.

Hispanic Heritage (2nd-7th)

Hispanic Heritage in Williamson County spans over 500 years. This trunk interprets the rich history of Hispanic Culture in Williamson County through hands on engagement and primary sources. Students will […]

School Days (2nd-7th)

Discover a typical early school set up and participate in activities experienced by students in the past and gain an understanding of the chronology of schools in Williamson County.

Hunting and Fishing (2nd-8th)

Hunting and fishing have played large part in the history and geography of Williamson County. Students will interpret how early Williamson County residents lived and how hunting and fishing influences […]

World War II (2nd-5th, 7th)

Students will learn about citizenship and patriotism during World War II and how the war changed history around the world and on the home front. Additionally, The WM offers access […]

Swedish Immigrants (4th-8th)

Students will learn about the experiences of the Swedish immigrants who came to Williamson County through hands-on engagement and primary sources. Hardships, and daily activities will be discussed.

Pioneer Times in Texas (2nd-8th)

Students will relive a day in the life of a pioneer. Hardships, chores, education and daily activities will be discussed. The daily life of a pioneer includes hands-on engagement and […]

Digging into the Past/Archaeology (3rd-7th)

Traveling Trunk – Grades 3rd-7th Students will learn about Archeology through hands-on activities including a mock dig, rock art, and research assignments. This trunk does not include a presentation.

Civil War (4th-8th)

Traveling Trunk – Grades 4th – 8th Learn about the darkest time in American history through interaction with reproduction and authentic Civil War artifacts. This trunk gives an oversight of […]

Up the Chisholm Trail (4th-8th)

Traveling Trunk – Grades 4th – 8th Life on the trail was rough and rugged. The Student will interpret a day on the trail, examining the impact of the cattle […]